Employability Skills

Attendance and Punctuality
- Arrives on time and prepared for work.
- Provides sufficient notice if unable to report for work

Motivation and Initiative
- Participates fully in tasks or projects from start to finish
- Initiates interaction with supervisor for next task or project upon successful completion of previous one

- Communicates effectively, orally and in writing, using the language and vocabulary appropriate to a variety of audiences within the workplace including coworkers, supervisors and customers
- Demonstrates active listening skills; focuses attentively, makes eye contact or other affirming gestures, confirms understanding and follows directions

Teamwork and Collaboration
- Works productively with co-workers, individually and in teams; supports organization`s mission and goals
- Accepts direction and constructive feedback with positive attitude

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
- Notices and identifies challenges and problems that arise in the workplace
- Brings concerns to attention of supervisors when appropriate
- Develops solutions to challenges and problems by analyzing available information and looking at options, guided by expectations for the position and goals of the organization

Workplace Culture, Policy and Safety
- Exhibits understanding of workplace culture and policy
- Dresses appropriately for position and duties
- Practices personal hygiene appropriate for position and duties
- Follows professional standards for use of computers, phones and social media
- Respects confidentiality
- Complies with health and safety rules for the workplace