What's New?

March 18, 2020

Please reach out if you would like to work together on database work; or if you need help finding any resources for staff, teachers or students during this time.

Connecting Activities Tutorial: Once you have settled into new work-at-home routines, I invite you to try out the 'Connecting Activities Tutorial' that tours through many of the resources and best practices that we share as a network. The tutorial can be a good refresher for experienced staff and an orientation for new staff getting started with this work. Find the tutorial online at http://massconnecting.org/outline.asp (link opens in a new window). There is a progress bar for tracking your progress through the units, and you can view the progress bar within the tutorial screens and in the database, on the reports/admin menu, in a new report, Report T-01: Connecting Activities Tutorial Progress Bar.

February 8, 2020

A "pilot" optional feature allows you to list the students who participate in Career Development Activities. While a list of participating students is NOT required for Connecting Activities reporting, many pathway programs and others would like to track this information. Look for this information on the Activity Screen. The feature works the same as the ADD EMPLOYERS feature. Data from this feature is available on "ACTIVITY REPORT 5" which is available from the Activity Screen and from the Reports/Admin menu.


When you visit the Reports/Admin menu, you may notice that the list of reports in Part II of the Reports/Admin menu is slightly re-arranged. As always, you can find reports using the search features and the 'favorites' option. (Or just use Ctrl-F to "FIND" anything on the screen.)


Some improvements to "Report 2B: Skills Details." This report allows you to browse Work-Based Learning Plan skills, skill descriptions, job titles and job descriptions, both within your region and statewide. This report is valuable for getting ideas for job descriptions and skills/tasks for your program participants. View the report for all types of jobs or for specific industry clusters.

September 1, 2019 - Welcome to a new school year! Over the long weekend I did some updates to the database to make the database run more quickly and smoothly. Pre-2015 records are now archived (but will be available through the reports menu) and there are slight changes to the menu page. When you first open the menu page, no more than 400 records will appear on your list, but you can change that setting (in the filter bar) to list more records. Also some behind-the-scenes work to speed up the screens. Let me know of any questions or any issues that you notice.

May 2019

Webinar Presentations Now Posted: You can view the PowerPoint presentations and related materials from the Winter/Spring webinar series on the massconnecting.org website. You can go to the database guide and look for the last item in the table of contents, or go directly to Winter/Spring 2019 Webinar Series (link opens in a new window).

May 9th Conference Materials for Connecting Activities Now Posted: The regional "mini-presentations" and the presentation about the Model Internship Guide are now posted on the massconnecting.org website. You can go to the home page and look at the "NEWS" articles on the bottom of the page or go directly to Conference Materials - May 9, 2019 - Connecting Activities Sessions (link opens in a new window).

More New Resources: Visit the massconnecting.org website (home page, see the "NEWS" section at the bottom of the page) to see additional news articles and resources.

NEW FOR SPRING 2019: Newly launched, the new version of the Reports/Admin menu includes a brief description for each report, and includes an option to filter the list of reports by keyword, topic area, or for any that you have "favorited" by clicking the favorites star. The reports remain the same (with a few newly added reports), now with more tools for easily and intuitively finding the various report screens.

March 5, 2019:

Happy New Year 2019!

January 4, 2019. With the January 1st minimum wage increase, I will automatically update all current placement records that will be affected by the increase. The previous wage information will be stored in a 'Previous Wage' field. End-of-year reports will reflect the weeks paid at the before-January and after-January wages.

January 4, 2019. I have been working on updates & refinements to the Printer-Friendly and Print-to-PDF screens and to the CVTE Framworks version of the review screen. If you use these screens, please let me know of any suggestions. Thank you!

January 4, 2019. During December I worked on the "Pre-Written Job Descriptions and Skills/Tasks," which is an optional feature found at the bottom of the Job Description screen. There are now 12 pre-written WBLPs available and we can create more if there is interest. Please email me (Jennifer) if this feature interests you.

Additional Recent Updates....

Sept. 15, 2018. Many of the workforce boards are in the midst of changing names and email addresses. Many schools are also changing email addresses as they add new email systems. If you need to change your username to match your new email address, please click on the MY ACCOUNT button on the navigation bar along the top of the main menu page. You will see an option to update your username. Note to regional-level coordinators: please contact me (Jennifer) if you would like to update usernames for staff in your region.

Sept. 12, 2018. If students or employers in your internship program fill in the placement screen: The version of the PLACEMENT SCREEN used by interns or employers has been updated to reflect recent updates to the career area list and other updates. Click here for a PowerPoint presentation about this screen: Placement Details Screen - For Interns (link opens in a new window).

July 6, 2018

FY19 New Version of Placement Screen. The new version of the PLACEMENT SCREEN is now online. This new version replaces the "AGROWE" program elements section with a new set of questions, including a checkbox for STEM placements, and for other information about the industry and career area focus of the placement. Read more at http://massconnecting.org/program-elements

June 14, 2018

Updated version of REPORT 9 - PROGRAM ELEMENTS. Are you working on end-of-year data and goal-setting for next year? Some of the reports you'll find useful include:

There is a 'favorites' box at the bottom of the third column on the Reports/Admin menu, which highlights some of these report options.

Did you know... You can run any of the reports for placements in a specific industry cluster or for a roll-up of all the STEM-related clusters or other broad industry groups. (For example the "ALL STEM" roll-up includes the Healthcare; Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture; Information Technology; and Manufacturing, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math industry clusters.) Look for this option on the industry cluster dropdown box on the top of the Reports/Admin menu.

April 20, 2018

Do you have some duplicate employer records in the database? There is a new version of the "Merge Duplicates" screen that helps to merge any duplicates. From the Main Menu, click on EMPLOYERS and the REVIEW DUPLICATES. You will see instructions on top of the page, explaining that you can view possible duplicate records side by side, update any missing information and then click to MERGE the two records. This is a task that regional database admins typically do -- especially near the end of the school year,... now easier with this redesigned screen.

April 13, 2018

March 23, 2018

January 20, 2018.

January 20, 2018. While working on updates to the REPORTS MENU, I removed the dropdown lists to view reports by a specific username. That feature was rarely used. If you DID use this feature, please email me (Jennifer) at jleonard@skillslibrary.com for instructions on how to filter reports by username.

January 16, 2018 and January 19, 2018. There are small cosmetic changes to the Placement Screen and Reports Menu.

September 15, 2017. If you are working on YouthWorks: (1.) notice that two fields have been added to the YouthWorks program information section at the end of the Placement screen, with 'Exit Status' and a box for 'If Not 125 Hours'. If you are submitting YouthWorks data, you can use the placement screen or the custom editing screen to fill in these fields. (2.) When you run the Detailed Placement List, a calculation of hours worked will be included in the report.

Note -- not working on YouthWorks? Did you know you can hide this section from your placement screen if you don't need it? See the 'My Account' screen or email Jennifer at jleonard@skillslibrary.com for instructions.

August 21, 2017. A note to Connecting Activities regional coordinators -- the screen for annual goals is now ready for your FY18 annual goals. Each year, one person per region types the annual goals into this screen. The goals appear in the goals column in the quarterly reports. This is a task that should be done before the first quarterly report (which is due mid-October). Thank you!!

August 11, 2017. The navigation buttons along the top of the screens have been re-arranged slightly so that the NEW review screen and printer-friendly screen are emphasized. The OLD links are now at the end of the set of navigation buttons. Eventually those will be smaller, but will remain available.

June 26, 2017. Some reminders and updates:

QUALIFYING WAGES. Are you working on the end-of-year qualifying wages report? Notice that the report requires that you fill in an end date. You can use the custom editing screen to do this for any that are blank. You should at least fill in the YEAR for the end date. You can let the report assume June 30th if you aren't sure of the exact end date.

REVIEWING DATA. Use the "PLACEMENT LIST" on the reports menu (or any similar list) and the "COUNT BY PROGRAM" report to review data before submittting final end-of-year reports. Look for missing dates; look for any possible duplicates or incomplete records; also look to make sure program enrollment checkboxes are accurately completed. The COUNT BY PROGRAM report is helpful because it shows how many records are entered for Connecting Activities, YouthWorks, WIOA Youth or other programs.

SUMMER JOBS. Are you entering summer jobs? If any of your summer jobs begin before July 1st, you can just assume a July 1 start date OR you can enter the actual start date and then, on the placement screen, fill in the "PROGRAM YEAR" field to specify FY2018. The PROGRAM YEAR field is found near the region and organization on the placement screen. This will properly credit your summer job placements to the new FY2018 program year.

June 3, 2017. As we transition to our new version of the Work-Based Learning Plan, you'll see updates underway. Watch this 'what's new!' section as more updates are added.

The new version of the Work-Based Learning plan as a Microsoft Word document:


The new Work-Based Learning Plan resource manual:


May 3, 2017. Database users have suggested that the screen "STEP 1B - EMPLOYERS" be integrated into the placement screen. You will now see this change --> look for the new employer information box on the placement screen.